Los Angeles to defund police department by $150m and instead invest in minority communities

U.S. 2020/6/5

Los Angeles to defund police department by $150m and instead invest in minority communities


Los Angeles officials have proposed sweeping cuts to the city’s annual budget and police department while calling for that money to be invested in" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:added" class="link rapid-noclick-resp">added: “It is time to move our rhetoric towards action to end racism in our city.”

The announcement comes after Los Angeles City Council president Nury Martinez proposed cutting up to $150 million from the LAPD and reinvesting those funds into communities of colour.

Ms Martinez explained the proposed cuts in a statement that read in part: “If we are going to finally end the sin of racism and all of its illogical, dehumanizing and sometimes deadly consequences, including in our police department, then we have to provide real solutions for real people who need our assistance.”

Eileen Decker, president of the city’s police commission, confirmed at the press conference on Wednesday that her panel would seek to identify funds that could be divested from the LAPD.

The proposed cuts were seen as a response to days of protests throughout Los Angeles and across the country, with those participating in the marches demanding an end to police brutality and the disproportionate use of excessive force against people of colour.

Prior to the nationwide protests, Mr Garcetti proposed increasing the police department’s budget by seven percent. Under the previous budget proposals, the LAPD would receive nearly 54 percent of the city’s general fund while other departments

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