White House adds fencing around perimeter

U.S. 2020/6/5

White House adds fencing around perimeter

WASHINGTON -- After another night of peaceful protests outside Lafayette Square, workers were seen putting up new fencing barriers around the White House complex Thursday morning, adding to the 8-foot fence that was erected around the entrance to Lafayette Square earlier this week.

Reporters arriving at the White House as early as 5:30 a.m. ET Thursday described seeing black fences being put up along the Eisenhower Executive Office Building entrance on 17th Street NW.

By the afternoon, the new fencing could be seen stretching from the back of the White House complex, closing off the entrance to the Ellipse and stretching all the way up 17th Street, blocking off the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

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The additional fencing did not have the same slightly sharper edges at the top as the fence blocking off the entrance to Lafayette Square, where the majority of the protests have taken place.

It is unclear why the White House felt the need for additional fencing. Although protests over the weekend in response to George Floyd´s death became violent at times, demonstrations have been

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